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Frequency February 2023: A Journey of Resonance

Frequency February 2023: A Journey of Resonance

Frequency February Soul Aligned Frequency

Frequency February has quickly become so foundational for not only me but for Soul Aligned Frequency. Where frequency is simultaneously the past, present, and future, the month of February often tests our commitment to ourselves.

Coming off the motivational high that is welcomed with the Gregorian calendar New Year, February has been a month of sustaining a new self for so many people. Years ago, I noticed myself in the thick of this conventional pattern. When I took the time to deconstruct this pivotal point, I found an opportunity to focus on myself and deepen my connection to myself daily. I started to embody the understanding that changing a habit or committing to a goal is ultimately about self-commitment. When I decided to bring this concept to Soul Aligned Frequency, I spent the entire month of January trying to ground it into reality in the most impactful way possible…


While I posted about it on social media and made the announcement video, nothing went to plan. I felt discouraged finding myself, once again, down a path that was too familiar. So, I chose to slow down and release the pressure I put on myself. I directed my attention toward understanding and integrating the lesson amidst the chaos. With this month being a commitment to frequency, it was only right that I placed a higher emphasis on frequency in my personal life. As I began consciously applying my highest understanding of frequency, I found myself unveiling a new level of receptivity.

I spent the last couple of years putting SAF together, making sense of all my ideas. And I spent a lot of time defining what SAF means through my lens. However, all this work was done on a practical level. And I chose to prioritize practicality as I have a tendency to stay dancing in the spiritual space; where formlessness precedes everything else.

In the midst of focusing on the practical while attempting to balance the spiritual, I lost myself in confusion. I had so many ideas but didn’t know how to channel them, as all my attempts were met with less-than-ideal results. This confusion then revealed my underestimation of the depth to which I would experience everything frequency-related. So February became a time of unravelling a lot of my personal beliefs and rewriting the story of my challenges. Energetically, this February felt different. February held a deeper version of what I intended it to, but it was more for me personally than for the actual event I hoped to run. This led to a deep rewiring that really cemented my embodiment of frequency. In turn, SAF showed me the wavelength it was on.


With a personal blog, the evergreen development of SAF, and so many things going on in my personal life, the silent moments in between provided a new level of resonance. The Frequency of February was different. While ushering in new energy was entangling with old energy to form a new resonance. At that, I learned that a new resonant frequency is formed at each moment. The intricate nature of frequency permeates every area of your life. The parallels and meaning frequency offers are for you to construct. When I really sat with this knowing, life opened up to me in a different way. Every single task, no matter how mundane and simple, became a complete experience.

Spiritual work, of any calibre, requires a malleable receptivity. There should always be an openness to learn, grow, understand, decompress, and deconstruct above all things. The willingness to be formless breeds the highest form. Working with energy is infinite, as energy is infinite; frequency is quite literally forever. While my only intention was to hyperfocus on frequency during February, I learned that that would only be detrimental long term.

The structure of frequency is not of failure – even when things don’t work out. It is a shapeshifting energy that is infinitely intelligent. Each time it shifts, it shifts to weave the highest outcome for all those who it affects. It may seem inconvenient and uneasy at times going through these frequency shifts, but it is always for the highest good. Since energy is the ultimate currency of the cosmos, it is safe to be trusted – as it is from God.

While the first-ever Frequency February did not go to my plan, it went to a higher plan, which I am blessed to have soberly witnessed and experienced.


With the dramatic transformation that I experienced in myself, my frequency, and the structure of SAF in the month of February, there is no doubt that Frequency February will be making its appearance in the years to come.

Taking in my experience, I can’t say I know exactly how it unfolds. I trust that each year will be the medicine for those who join in, exactly how it was for me.

• • • • •

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