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Self-Improvement Isn’t A Sham. It’s All About Perspective.

Self-Improvement Isn’t A Sham. It’s All About Perspective.

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Self-improvement isn’t a sham. While self-improvement can bring up feelings of shame and guilt, it’s not necessary to let it consume you.

No matter how far you are in your spiritual journey, you are still receptive to the pitfalls of being human. And this includes flirting with doubt from time to time. I’ve mentioned before, that walking the spiritual path is not for the weak. In essence, the spiritual path is about radical self-acceptance as a medium for evolution. But that doesn’t provide an answer for the lack of tangible results. Are we all just wasting our time under the guise of a “bigger, unseen picture” when nothing is happening in the physical?

It’s natural to think this way from time to time – grounding in some cases as well. But self-improvement is truly the catalyst for change. It’s a matter of approach and perspective.


Our mindset is our approach to life. It’s how we come up with solutions to problems, answer questions, and define the people, places, and things around us. When we are on the journey of cultivating consciousness, our perspective shifts. The majority of our mindset is based on our experiences, both subconsciously and consciously, from the time we are in the womb until the age of seven years old.

The things we were taught during the first seven years of our existence became the concrete of the subconscious mind and fuels the details of our lives. Our default patterns and programs that dictate our outcomes have come up over the past couple of years for evaluation. And as we confront the truth of the life we created or fell into, we create new beliefs. Creating beliefs that are conducive to your desired reality becomes an investment in yourself, where the new paradigm is effectively realized.

The Epitome of Self-Improvement – Transforming our Relationship with Ourselves

Once your mindset becomes a playground rather than a prison, you dictate a better relationship with yourself. I am a very firm believer in nurturing the relationship you have with yourself – mind, body, soul, and spirit. After all, you are all you have at the end of the day. And what’s the point of having yourself if you aren’t even on your own team?

Once we begin to see the harsh regards and unrealistic standards we hold ourselves to, we are able to begin to shift these patterns. Our self-talk becomes different. The way we carry ourselves become different. We become more confident and secure in ourselves. The relationship we have with ourselves is the closest mirror of our mindset. It is through this mirroring we form the basis of our self-care.

Defining Self-Care, for Ourselves

The way we treat ourselves is an action-oriented affirmation of ourselves, and what we believe our worth to be. Whether it’s the traditional self-care and hygiene we choose to partake in or the act of setting boundaries and asserting our self-respect. Self-care comes in different forms and is often tailored to the phases of life we’re in. When we know ourselves and how we operate, we allow our personal soul-nourishing definition of self-care to form.

Acting in accordance with our personal standard deepens our trust within ourselves. This trust is the basis in which we are able to see possibility, acting on our deepest desires and dreams. We take up space in a productive manner, allowing ourselves to be seen but also to carve meaningful connections with others.

Flowing into Our Relationship with Others

In setting boundaries with ourselves, we are able to set boundaries with others – showcasing a standard of respect, and providing a way of communicating with them how we wish to be treated. As we interact with others on a more conscious level, the types of relationships we attract are all-around more beneficial, contributing to growth personally and collectively.

As humans, we are social creatures and need others. Other people are our mirrors and show us where we need to improve. This dynamic creates a positive feedback loop, where productive evolution can occur. Furthermore, this dynamic bleeds into our individual lifestyles, allowing us to be more present and conscious in even the most mundane of tasks.

Self-Improvement as the Vehicle for Living Consciously

When we begin to integrate the feedback from within, above, below, and around us, we begin to live consciously. We become more intentional with our time, exercising healthy levels of discernment. In our discernment, we understand what contributes to our growth and promotes regression. There is an air of necessary pickiness that develops as a result.

However, this pickiness is necessary as it protects our energy. Protecting our energy makes life easier. When our energy is within our reasonable control, we make sure to uphold our standards. Allowing our authenticity to shine rather than being trampled by the demands of external forces opens us up to a more magical way of life.


Taking the time to engage in self-improvement isn’t always an easy task. In fact, most times it’s hard – and that’s why people run from it. But when you shift your perspective of self-improvement to focus on possibility rather than restriction, you assume your role as a co-creator of your reality.

In your identification with co-creator of your reality, you show up as the most abundant version of yourself – aligning with your unlimited potential. From here, it’s up to you what you wish to create for yourself, your lineage, and for others.

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