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Soul-Aligned Social Media Presence

Soul-Aligned Social Media Presence

Soul-aligned social media usage is an increasing point of conversation. While it’s no secret that social media can be incredibly useful, it can also be incredibly debilitating. Oftentimes we see the debilitating effects go under the radar and become normalized, eroding your health, and leading to a lacklustre life. Combatting this and restoring the beautiful human experience, at your soul’s discretion, is of prime importance to SAF.

In this blog post, I will walk you through the valuable way SAF uses social media. SAF approaches social media with the intention of helping you become soul-aligned. SAF uses social media as a supporting act to ensure you have the resources you need accessible at every stage of your spiritual journey.


YouTube is SAF’s primary social media platform. As of April 2023, there are two YouTube channels in operation. The main YouTube channel, Soul Aligned Frequency, and the YouTube Shorts Channel, Soul Aligned Evolution.


Directly named after the brand, Soul Aligned Frequency is the first/main channel. The mission of this channel is to provide direct healing through reiki and affirmations on a bi-weekly posting schedule. However, I often post extra videos that complement the current energy.

Reiki is an incredibly powerful energy healing modality. The word Reiki is of Japanese origin and breaks down into “Rei,” meaning “God,” and “ki,” which refers to energy, life force energy. As a Reiki Master, I have the ability to act as a conduit for this Reiki energy. Reiki has changed my life for the better over the past couple of years, and I’m excited to make this offering available for the collective.

This healing modality promotes relaxation and stress reduction by enabling you to enter a state of deep relaxation. In this deep state of relaxation, your energy is able to recalibrate and improve your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Just like Reiki itself, the use of Reiki is only limited by one’s creativity.

Every video topic on the SAF channel is intentionally chosen and pursued with the cleanest energy and intentions. Each Reiki healing is complemented by affirmations to help you consciously acknowledge your blockages and create a roadmap for your greatest success.

Here are the best practices for using the Soul Aligned Frequency Reiki videos:

  • Consent to receiving this Reiki. While clicking on the video already implies a level of consent, being in a state that allows for the free flow of energy will deepen your receptivity to the energy.
  • State your intention (out loud if possible!) for this Reiki healing. Keep your intention positive, and be confident while stating it!
  • Remain open and receptive to the guidance you receive.
  • If you choose to use the affirmations that come up as the video progresses, I encourage you to say them confidently. If you disagree with any of the affirmations, take a deeper look into why – this will help you pinpoint your issue so you can heal it at the source.
  • Repeat the use of this video until you feel you have received the benefits from this video. You can return to the video any time you would like, as the Reiki energy is always present.
  • To aid in grounding, make sure you drink some water after you’ve received Reiki.

Please note that these energy healing videos use distant healing – which is just as effective as in-person healing. These videos require the recipient’s discretion as they do not claim to directly heal anything – they are for supplementary use only. If you have any questions, the answers will likely be available through the description box, the pinned comment, or in this blog post. I also love using the community page to connect with you, so make sure you’re checking it periodically to find the latest updates.

Other videos on this channel include self-initiations. Taking the form of affirmation-focused videos, these short videos provide you with an opportunity to close the gap between where you are and where you wish to be.

If you’re ready to begin your spiritual healing journey, then head over to the Soul Aligned Frequency Channel here.

FINE-TUNE Your Frequency, One Minute at a Time – @soulaligneDEVOLUTION

Soul Aligned Evolution is the second YouTube channel. Originally named Soul Aligned Shorts, Soul Aligned Evolution mainly hosts short-form content that spans the scope of everything that makes up Soul Aligned Frequency. Soul Aligned Evolution is updated more frequently and includes all sorts of content related to coming into your soul-aligned frequency, especially during these deeply transformative times.

If you’re ready to begin fine-tuning your frequency, then check out the Soul Aligned E Evolution Channel here.

SOul-Aligned Pinterest, Instagram, And Twitter

Soul Aligned Frequency has active accounts on Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter as well. SAF aims to provide you with educational content within the realm of spirituality, wellness, and lifestyle through these platforms. Staying true to our mission, these platforms focus on helping you find your soul-aligned frequency through tasteful, easily digestible pieces of content.

Pinterest – @soulalignedfrequency

Instagram – @soulalignedfrequency

Twitter – @soulalignedflow

The goal of Soul Aligned Frequency’s Social media

It’s especially important to me to use social media with intention given the time of deep transformation we are in. After all, “staying connected” is taking on a whole new meaning. If you saw my last blog post, then you know I infuse strong intention into everything that makes up SAF. Every piece of content relates to coming into and maintaining your soul-aligned frequency.

Indulging in soul-centered self-care is a lifestyle that extends into every area of your life. It is an intentional and conscious way of being. In maintaining this ideal, I aim to use social media in a slower manner. This way, I am living, learning, and experiencing life in between posts. This also allows for healthy boundaries and independence from SAF’s side and your side.

While the website/blog and email list will be the most immediate connection to all things SAF, make sure you are following SAF wherever you resonate with the content. This also ensures you have access to the latest announcements, offers (free and paid), and events as they become live!

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