Spiritual healing, wellness, and lifestyle: Welcome to Soul Aligned Frequency!

Mastering Your Frequency Workbook

Mastering Your Frequency Workbook

Mastering Your Frequency Freebie Soul Aligned Frequency

Mastering your frequency can sound like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. While we innately know how energy works, we may not be consciously aware of the mechanics of energy. When we are trying to manifest without understanding the basics of energy, it can make our life harder. This workbook makes a great entry point to understanding and working with energy/frequency!

In a realm where time is seemingly of the essence, it’s important to make sure we are using our time efficiently. The Manifesting Your Frequency is a 17-page workbook that dissolves any confusion regarding manifesting and helps you create a path towards your destiny.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey, as long as you are willing to do the work. In the Mastering Your Frequency workbook, I guide you along the core pillars of soul-centered self-care – remembering your origins, reclaiming your soul-self, and rising in your authenticity, as you kickstart your conscious manifestation journey.

By the end of the workbook, you will receive clarity not only how to manifest, but how to create an actionable plan – breaking down your dreams into accessible steps. This invaluable information will serve you for years to come as this workbook empowers you and your unique spiritual journey.

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Spiritual Healing, Wellness, and Lifestyle: Welcome to Soul Aligned Frequency!

Spiritual Healing, Wellness, and Lifestyle: Welcome to Soul Aligned Frequency!

Spiritual Healing Soul Aligned Frequency

Spiritual healing is less of a task and more of a lifestyle. When your thoughts, words, and actions nourish your soul, your overall lifestyle becomes an active demonstration of spiritual healing. You begin living from a space of ease as you assume your divinity, and you consciously create a life aligned with your Higher Self. This is the exact experience that Soul Aligned Frequency desires for you – Welcome!

My name is Sarah Alisa, and I am the creator of Soul Aligned Frequency – SAF for short. In this blog post, I want to let you in on the journey that inspired the creation of SAF. I will walk through the most important elements of the brand to help you understand what SAF is about. Lastly, I will give you an idea of what you can expect moving forward. 

To preface, Soul Aligned Frequency (SAF) is a spiritual healing, wellness, and lifestyle brand that honours soul-centered self-care. You can formally experience and embody this dedication yourself through offerings built on three pillars: remembering your origins, reclaiming your soul-self, and rising in the dignity of your authenticity. 

The backstory – my spiritual healing lead me here

I always knew that I wanted to have a career doing something I love. Despite my immediate reality draining this desire of any life, I continued to work towards it until it became my only goal. As I prioritized this desire, life detoured in the most miserable and mystical ways. And the way in which this simple desire unfolded into reality was a complete surprise to me.

My life has changed dramatically over the past couple of years. My spiritual healing journey propelled me in this direction – pursuing something that has been so close to my heart for my entire life. While I go into the details of what led me to create SAF on my personal site, it was essentially “rediscovering” spirituality that brought me here. My life became uprooted when I decided to throw away the plans I forcefully committed to in favour of pursuing the unknown. I discovered Tarot shortly after, which helped me find my direction. As I acquainted myself with Tarot, I found myself oddly comfortable in a previously “forbidden” area.

The deeper I journeyed into my spirituality, the more firm my sense of belonging became in this mystical and magical area of life. Realizing that my definition of self-care was synonymous with doing mindset and energy work changed everything for me. At this time, I reignited my interest in traditional self-care, lifestyle, and holistic health and wellness. As I connected the dots of where everything was leading me, I arrived at what you see today as Soul Aligned Frequency.

The Name – Soul Aligned Frequency

Despite the inner certainty I received when I said Soul Aligned Frequency for the first time, I wasn’t initially satisfied with the name. Now, however, this name holds so much meaning for me. For the following sections, I will be using the name/concept of interest italicized, as in Soul Aligned Frequency, to acquaint you with the intended meaning.

Soul Aligned speaks to the name’s abstract and even chaotic nature. Everyone’s version of following their soul, the unfolding of their soul journey, is completely different. And it’s rarely a clean, straight line. In this way, Soul Aligned lends itself to a more divine/sacred feminine nature. 

This half of the name also plays into the artful nature of being alive, the classic understanding of living as a spirit in human form. A large part of what inspired me when choosing this name concerned embracing all the human experience has to offer, which is a strong theme throughout the SAF offerings.

The Frequency portion of the name is more practical in nature. Frequency can be measured and tracked, as it outputs numerical values. Therefore, Frequency lends itself to the name’s divine/sacred masculine nature.

While there are ways to measure your frequency, I believe the best measurement is going according to how you feel when you wake up every morning. Your emotions are your greatest indicator of what’s going on beneath the surface. And that’s really what Soul Aligned Frequency is all about – deconstructing the emotions that come up and using them as fuel to create a life you are proud and excited to wake up to.

Putting it Together

Soul Aligned Frequency is the integration of wholeness, within and without. The harmonious efforts of both the masculine and the feminine. The light and the dark in creating a life that serves as the basis for your greatest evolution.

Soul Aligned Frequency has two general usages. The first usage is to refer to the brand, as I have been using it so far. The second usage is when referring to your soul-aligned frequency. As I mentioned earlier, everyone’s soul-aligned frequency is different and you can apply this name to your unique soul journey. Having a business name that allows for layered malleability speaks to the bigger picture of the brand. This malleability mirrors the mission in its application, which deepens my appreciation of this name. 

The concrete understanding of this name allowed the main philosophy behind SAF to blossom.

The Tagline – Indulge in soul-centered self-care

Soul Aligned Frequency’s official tagline is “Indulge in soul-centered self-care.”

Soul-centered self-care offers a holistic embodiment of self-care. Combining mindset work with your soul’s needs provides you with an enjoyable approach to evolution. Self-care means something different to everyone, so by creating your personal definition and attaching it to daily action, you are able to intimately connect with your soul-aligned frequency.

The word “indulge” is important, as spiritual work often asks you to confront yourself – which can be quite daunting. Life is meant to be enjoyed and the sentiment of indulging originated on my personal blog, but is threaded throughout SAF. Since I want to focus on the experience of being and becoming soul-aligned, indulging allows you to enjoy your human journey without judgment. Indulging speaks to healthily beautifying and romanticizing your life so you can take advantage of all that life has to offer. At its core, “Indulging in soul-centered self-care” is about reconnecting with your most authentic self; something that shouldn’t be a chore, but instead, a pleasureful experience. 

Pursuing a spiritual path, one revolving around the needs of your soul is by no means easy, but it produces the most worthwhile rewards. Being able to indulge in this path of spiritual healing is a matter of perspective and can be done easily if you are willing to put in the work.

Indulging in soul-centered self-care takes form through three pillars at SAF: remembering your origins, reclaiming your soul-self, and rising in your authenticity.

Based on Intention

Anything that is built without intention, or with ill intention, inevitably falls apart. Everything I do with SAF is based on intention. After arriving at the concept of soul-centered self-care, I chose three words for SAF to make the idea come to life: remember, reclaim, and rise. For the purpose of this blog post, I’m going to speak on these categories and their main application to Soul Aligned Frequency.


Remembering your origins is about acknowledging your ancestors and where your soul has been. Connecting with your source (your energy/frequency), the Source (God, the Holy Spirit, the Universe, etc.) and uncovering your most authentic identity through ancestral connections, make way for meaningful relationships with others and your connection to all that exists.

There has been so much ancient wisdom that has been turned and twisted to fit modern agendas – altogether lost in some cases. The act of remembering our origins and connecting with the wisdom of our soul empowers us and our potential. 

As a result, we can form beautiful connections with ourselves, our lineage(s), others, and the world around us through both the light and dark aspects. We can create a world of a higher state. 

Remembering your origins provides the basis for resonance and revolution – individually and collectively.


Aligned with the idea that you are an infinite and multidimensional being, this pillar represents a life-long journey. Reclaiming your soul-self is about acknowledging that you are a beautiful combination of the ancestors’ blessings and karma. When you engage in this reclamation, you actively assume the leading position in your lineage. 

Reclaiming your soul-self is seeing beyond the surface and taking accountability for where you are. You own your individuality instead of writing yourself off as just another being. Doing the inner work and healing allows a new narrative to unfold for you.

There is no better time, than now, to make space for experiences that satisfy your soul. Valuable revelations await you as you reclaim your soul-self.


When you fully meet yourself where you are in the present moment and dare to improve – you are sitting in the fire of self-mastery. This is rising in your authenticity. In this place, you realize your infinite potential and apply your gifts as you carve a path that is uniquely your own.

Rising is self-mastery. Rising is being in control of your life and aligning your thoughts, words, and actions to the life of authenticity your soul craves. 

You’ll soon begin to realize that with every grand rising, opportunities arise for you to rise. 


While these pillars are the guiding points for SAF, they are versatile in understanding and application. There is no one way to go about these pillars, they are parallel in the grand scheme of things. Experiencing these pillars are very personal, individual journeys that I can only help you initiate – it’s up to you to follow through.

The shaping of these pillars come to life in the logo and branding.

The Logo – A woman of strength and mastery

Having meaning embedded into my logo was non-negotiable. I need every component to have meaning. During my initial brainstorming session, I securely arrived at the idea of using a feminine silhouette. A feminine silhouette seemed to capture the flowing essence of the brand as well as the feminine energy the brand is built upon. However as time went on, it seemed too perfect and lacked the depth I was looking for in my logo.

My graphic designer came up with the logo and together we created the logo you see today. Initially, I wasn’t convinced that that was my logo. In fact, I felt conflicted because it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind – but truthfully I didn’t really know exactly what I had in mind. The more time I spent with it, the more meaning I found in the logo. Between the initial logo and the final logo you see, there were a good number of edits and additions to the original proposal that brings us to the present-day logo.

Let’s break down the main elements of the logo in the context of spiritual healing.

👩🏽 – The Woman

The logo features a woman who represents the Divine Feminine energy upon which the brand was built. The woman is showcasing her natural hair, which symbolizes the ability to completely be herself – independent, open, and receptive to what life has to offer. The length of her hair symbolizes the wisdom she has gained from her past.

🧥 – The Button-Down Shirt

The woman is wearing a plain, button-down shirt that is symbolic of the simplicity of being. Buttons also serve as a metaphor for the ladder of life; the stripes and medals earned through the experiences.

🪞 – The Portal

Behind the woman is a portal. The literal representation of this portal is up for your interpretation. I have thought of it as a door frame, an arch, or a mirror. Maybe it can mean different things to you as you go about your journey. However you choose to interpret it, to me it represents the woman’s ability to discover new experiences, jump to new timelines, and occupy the space of a portal for her most soul-aligned creations.

🪴 – The Monstera Plant

The woman’s face is covered with a monstera plant leaf which shows the process of becoming – becoming who she is at a soul level and growing into her most authentic self.

While the monstera wasn’t chosen intentionally, I decided to look into the meaning and found that it has two dominant meanings – one in Western culture and one in Eastern culture.

The less favoured is that of the Western symbolism; it represents suffocation. Though it’s not the sweetest meaning, it holds a very real symbolic understanding of how growth occurs – when you reach a point where you feel like you’ve plateaued and you decide to initiate some change. A lot of times, we reach this point of figurative suffocation when we’ve put up with too much for too long and life forces us out of our comfort zone (👋🏽 hello spiritual awakening).

The second and favoured Eastern meaning of the monstera plant represents honouring the generations that came before and acting in a way that breeds longevity. This meaning is heavily aligned with my original intention for the brand, especially within the “remember your origins” pillar.

A third meaning arises from the Victorian Age where monstera plants symbolized good news, steady, fulfilling relationships, and grand plans.

All three meanings are derived from my research and pieced together by my own intuition, play perfectly into the world of Soul Aligned Frequency. Providing a dose of reality with the depth of dreams complements the words/methods I assign to Soul Aligned Frequency.

➡️ – The Right/Forward-Facing Orientation

The woman is oriented to the right, which signals her ambitions as she’s looking to the future. While this can be taken literally, I also see it as seeing the potential within and constantly moving forward and evolving.  

👣 – The Positioning of the Feet

Standing on her toes, this is the rising of the divine feminine energy in what has been a long time coming. This stance also represents the woman’s ambition and desire to grow and reach new heights. The ability to evolve and grow is part of our soul’s nature. The inherent grounding symbolism of primal nature also lives within this element of the logo.

A Complete Logo representing Spiritual Healing

In totality, the logo is a story of a woman who is in control of her life. A woman who has taken the blessings and lessons from her past to focus on her highest evolution as a soul.

She is forever indulging in the remembrance of her origins, the reclamation of her soul-self, and the rise in her authenticity. She prizes her soul above earthly matters and defies the expectations of others in favour of soothing her soul and nurturing her expression, as an offering to the collective.

About me, Sarah Alisa- the Spiritual Healer behind Soul Aligned Frequency

Let me reintroduce myself – I’m Sarah Alisa. SAF is largely built on my findings over lifetimes. Ultimately, SAF is an experience. I want SAF to be the experience that allows you to see the potency of the world within you and around you. Everything I do with SAF reflects my personal brand as there is a thread of ethereal alignment for you to reconnect with yourself and beautify your life. Healthily romanticizing your life and seeing life through a refreshed and renewed lens is of prime importance in my work. This is why every part of SAF holds the energy of a potent experience. 

SAF is for everyone – while I stress the Sacred Feminine aspect of the brand, everyone benefits from a balanced energetic state – individually and collectively. 

If you would like to learn more about me or follow my personal journey, you can do so here

Moving Forward – the Spiritual Healing Mission and Vision

The vision I hold for SAF is transcendental. I wish for those that interact with SAF and enter this space to be a journey, an experience you never forget and one that changes the world in a capacity only it can.

My primary presence will always be on my site, my blog, and of course, most intimately experienced through my offerings. My primary form of communication, connection, and inspiration will always be shared through my emails. So make sure you sign up for the email list below if you haven’t already!

At the time I am writing this, SAF has a social media presence on YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. The SAF social media is a great way to connect with you all and let me know what you want to experience through SAF. Make sure you follow SAF on the above platforms to be a part of the Soul-Aligned Collective.

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