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Let’s tune in to your highest frequency and improve the vibes in your life. Our alternative and unique approach to popular manifestation methods, Reiki healings and other intuitive and educational services at Soul Aligned Frequency will help you build self-awareness, process your emotions, nourish healthy relationships, reduce stress, and create fulfillment in your daily endeavors. 

Your pursuit of the spiritual life might be different from what you think. Soul-centered self-care is grounded and practical, and it takes effort. Changing your life on the cerebral plane means making fundamental changes on the physical plane. Sarah’s healing guidance and calming encouragement make it easy to open up and take those practical steps.



Community is a vital part of growth. SAF honours this knowledge and provides multiple opportunities for live virtual gatherings to offer support from Sarah and your fellow Soul Aligned Collective for your journey of becoming.


These are one to two-hour masterclasses dedicated to specific topics/areas of spirituality, soul-centered manifestation methods, self-care and lifestyle. Each masterclass involves practical integrative exercises to remember and reclaim your soul-self.


Courses are guided (live) or self-paced (pre-recorded) courses that are foundational to the Soul Aligned Frequency brand – dealing with ancient wisdom that can be applied to your life for near-immediate results.


While popular manifestation methods can be helpful, many people don’t succeed with what seem to be “tried and true” methods. At SAF, we empower your authenticity as the primary manifestation method. Soul-centered self-care is the manifestation method that helps you pinpoint what works for you and how you can create the life you desire effortlessly.

While the law of attraction, the law of assumption and other manifestation methods can be helpful; oftentimes they create a dependency pattern that becomes more limiting than liberating. SAF meets you where you are and effectively helps you unravel your restriction points to create the red carpet leading into your new life.

New Age techniques are different – in the application and sometimes in intention. While New Age teachings can bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern-day lifestyle, they often leave you running on a hamster wheel for more. Catering to today’s crowd, SAF acknowledges the timeless, ancient wisdom behind the intuitive teachings that help you maintain the sacredness of the human experience. 

Finding your soul-aligned frequency is like finding your favourite radio station, the one you never knew existed, the one that makes you say, “where has this been my entire life?” and the one where the perfect song comes on just when you need to hear it.



Experience the Frequency with the Soul-Aligned Collective.

In a society that has become rather self-centered, we often forget the value of human connection and community. However, SAF believes that being an individual does not have to be toned down to find your people and create meaningful relationships. It’s about unveiling the most authentic self-expression that allows you to integrate into a community effortlessly. These live virtual events are held as a sacred container to forge life-long connections that support your highest potential. These sessions are offered multiple times a year, allowing you to reconnect with yourself, understand your role in the collective and provide a space to relax and unwind.



Quick, focused workshops to tackle lifestyle pain points for good.

Knowledge is power. These masterclasses cover everything from manifestation methods to specific areas that need a reset button. In the one to two hours of a masterclass, you will learn precisely what the problem is, how to approach it mentally and physically and turn the situation in your favour. Masterclasses will provide opportunities to solidify your understanding of energy and its workings. These masterclasses are designed with you in mind and allow you to work through situations at your own pace while equipping you with the easiest route to your desires. Masterclasses may be live or pre-recorded. Either way, you do have lifetime access to each workshop you purchase.



Courses to deepen your self-understanding and provide new ways to thrive.

Courses provide more in-depth knowledge than workshops. These courses are opportunities to deep-dive into understanding the energetics surrounding your daily life and help you create fundamental transformation. Each lesson provides an in-depth opportunity to work with Sarah on mastering your soul-aligned frequency, uncovering authentic manifestation methods and creating a life you genuinely love – without spiritual bypassing. Like workshops, courses are intuitively guided. Courses run for weeks at a time. Workshops may be live or pre-recorded. Either way, you do have lifetime access to each workshop you purchase. 


Benefits from working with
Soul Aligned Frequency:


the highest version of yourself. At SAF, we encourage you to dream—and to dream big. If you desire it, then you can make it happen. Allow our services to expand your mental, emotional, and spiritual horizons and weave even your wildest dreams into the fabric of your reality.


in every part of your being. Gain new understandings about your abilities, personality, thought patterns, emotions, and unique spirituality. This insight is power, allowing you to bring targeted healing to every facet of whom you are and making space for your highest soul-aligned frequency.


we make strides in knowing ourselves so we can form authentic, integrated relationships. Every container is an open, sacred space where you can show up as you are and become receptive to who you can be. Know you are supported alongside Sarah and the Soul Aligned Collective.


The world is changing… so shouldn’t the way we approach life also change? Over the last couple of years, we have seen the world change on every level possible – from personal to collective, life-altering changes have been the theme of the past couple of years. As a result, many people have been forced into doing shadow work which has left a lot of confusion and conflict lingering in the air, as no one was really taught how to maneuver these times. This is where self-awareness comes in. Self-awareness is the ultimate resource that allows you to journey through life effortlessly, creating healthy independence and aiding you in building a solid community. 

SAF focuses on helping you create an environment which encourages self-awareness while building a healthy independence. Thriving off the idea that everything emits a certain vibration, or frequency, SAF is here to restore the energy of the Divine Feminine in perfect balance to the currently over-dominant masculine energies present in society. Putting the energy of ease back into living is not an impossible feat, as long as you are coming from the energy of authenticity – something that is often missing in today’s society. 

Soul-centered self-care is grounding and helps you find your soul-aligned frequency. While self-care in the traditional sense of pampering and beautifying is great, genuine self-care means taking care of your entire self. Self-care is really tending to the mind, body and soul. The soul-work we do here requires just as much inner work as it does outer work. Our community takes a simple, integrative approach to help you maximize growth in even the shortest periods of time. We’re all about nurturing your potential so you can effortlessly live on your highest timeline. 

Our frequencies are the vibrations we emit based on the ways we think, the words we use, and the actions we employ every day. Changing our frequencies means working with our minds, aligning with what feels good for our bodies and satisfies our souls, to create sets of energetic and physical standards. These standards, in turn, create lifestyles that encourage us to be better and do better every single day.


Of course, there may be fear surrounding some of the risks associated with change—whether that’s the possibility of lacking resources, losing people, changing your image, or simply feeling bereft of the energy needed to carry on. But I’ve learned that embracing the risk is part of the beautiful process. I’m so excited to be an instrument in your flourishing. 


To Your Greatest Unfolding, 





Before even listening to the reading, I already knew that every word would be spot on. And as I imagined, everything was scary accurate. 


I was amazed by how much of my energy/situation and personality you were able to capture and describe. I think your intuitive abilities are amazing. It’s very cool that, as you go on describing the current energy, you immediately give practical advice on how to proceed regarding that aspect. I liked the rhythm and fluidity of the reading.


It’s easier to receive your wisdom because it’s very compassionate and feels like guidance from a friend.


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