Indulge in soul-centered self-care by remembering your origins, reclaiming your soul-self and rising in the dignity of your authenticity.

For you: Cultivate a purposeful lifestyle where you wake up with intention and excitement daily as you journey to do the things you desire. Learn about what soul-centered self-care is and how it affects your life. Understand the pure potential that lives within and unveil your abilities to create a life that allows you to thrive. Make your life a mansion and allow your body to become a home. Move away from an old paradigm that disregards your worth and into a new paradigm that will enable you to show up as you are and stand in your power.

For the universe: When you operate from your highest frequency, you demonstrate the value of showing up as your authentic self and encourage others to do the same. The people closest to you start looking into how they can best change their lives, and the world changes little by little. As this effect grows exponentially, the world shifts values to favour authenticity, effectively ushering in a beautiful new paradigm. Becoming the leader of your life and tending to your soul has an affirmative ripple effect on those around you.

Hi, I’m Sarah!

Your spiritual guide on the path of fulfillment

Sarah has had a natural inclination to the spiritual world since she was young. Sarah spent most of her life deepening her understanding of self, others, and the spiritual perspective of the world. She even intuited early on that she would start a business—having no recognizable attachment to the business world at the time. Her ethereal curiosity allowed her to journey through her trials with the outlook of possibility, eventually lending space for the birth of Soul Aligned Frequency. 

With an innate understanding of energy and the spiritual world, Sarah is the wise, grounded, self-assured wellness practitioner accompanying you on your self-discovery path. In helping you live more authentically, she can do the same.

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