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With your unique power to break karmic cycles and direct your own life, your meaningful existence is more accessible than you realize.

Claim your highest frequency by aligning with your authentic self. Grow self-awareness, learn to hold yourself accountable, and change your life. Soul Aligned Frequency (SAF) is where you can be celebrated for your individuality and create a life worthy of celebrating. Our services will meet you exactly where you are and help you get where you desire to be. 



Relax into your most natural energetic state.

Remember. Reclaim. Rise. And repeat.

It’s the fruit of self-care. No, not bubble baths, organic produce, and good vibes only, but rather nurturing self-awareness, embracing your individuality, and doing the conscious and worthwhile work to create a lifestyle that aligns every facet of your being. In cultivating your most magnetic frequency through the alignment of mind, body, and soul, you open the doorway of infinite possibility to effortlessly create the life you desire.



More of what you want. Less of what you don’t. Becoming soul aligned allows you to pinpoint the details of the person you desire to become, bridging reality to your deepest desires. Reclaim your soul-self and initiate your greatest soul journey with SAF’s Mastering Your Frequency Workbook.

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How Can SAF Help?

Growing into your most authentic self is an art that can be lonely. However, you don’t have to do it alone. SAF is on a mission to help you remember your origins, reclaim your soul-self, and rise to the occasion of life in a way that is authentic to you. Through intuitively guided live events, workshops, and courses by Sarah, we will work through harmonizing your mind, body, and spirit. By reviving your authenticity and refreshing your frequency, you can wake up every morning to a life you love.

About Soul Aligned Frequency


Before even listening to the reading, I already knew that every word would be spot on. And as I imagined, everything was scary accurate. 


I was amazed by how much of my energy/situation and personality you were able to capture and describe. I think your intuitive abilities are amazing. It’s very cool that, as you go on describing the current energy, you immediately give practical advice on how to proceed regarding that aspect. I liked the rhythm and fluidity of the reading.


It’s easier to receive your wisdom because it’s very compassionate and feels like guidance from a friend.



What do you want your life to look like?

Explore the potential living within you. 


Are you ready to embody your soul-aligned frequency?

Master your trajectory.

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